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Following Jesus Together

Northlake Church of Christ

Our Story

We desire to share God’s love as Jesus did:

by walking alongside those in need, welcoming the stranger into our family, loving our neighbors, and forgiving our enemies.

A Community Following Jesus

We are a community whose understanding of what it means to follow Jesus has been challenged and expanded for over 60 years, as we have followed God’s work from the city of Decatur to our current neighborhood in Tucker, GA.

A God That Delights in Us

We celebrate a God who loves and delights in all people!
This abundant love has called us to:

  • Act out of love, not judgement or fear
  • See those struggling with poverty, sickness, mental illness or spiritual struggles as people to love, not projects to fix
  • Provide a big tent for people to faithfully question, explore and grow their faith

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The Hands and Feet of Jesus

We believe the purest expression of God’s love is Jesus.
His life inspires us to:

  • Welcome people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, classes and ages
  • Celebrate the differences found in our church community
  • Follow The Spirit of God out the church door and into our neighborhoods, cities, and the world

Sharing Life Together

We think the best way to practice loving like Jesus is by sharing life together: celebrating  the joys of life, supporting one another during hard times, and building relationships that extend beyond Sunday gatherings.

We want our communal life to be a preview of God’s kingdom: A world made whole, where “us” and “them” is replaced with a beautiful connectedness. If you are searching for a community like this, we hope you will come and join us!

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9:00am Coffee & fellowship
9:15am Bible Classes
10:30am Worship
6:00pm Small Groups


6:30pm Children’s Classes
7:00pm Adult Classes


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(770) 414-8717

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The Gospel of Mark

Where did the Magi come from? Who was King Herod? How did betrothal and marriage work in the time of Jesus, and how did that affect Mary and Joseph? When the authors of the Gospels told the story of Jesus’ birth, they assumed a wealth of background information that their audiences shared, but that modern American readers are unfamiliar with. This class will explore “the stories behind The Story,” and how the historical setting and background of the birth narratives helps us see the Nativity in a new light.